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Tag RoBo Tech designs solutions by leveraging core strengths of different type of Tags, Robotics and Technology.

Over last 13 years, we have implemented solutions to track assets, inventory, finished goods, tools, fleet, delivery, consumables, employees, documentation, remote sites etc. almost everything that needs to be tracked!

Our technology platform applies innovative science to not only track but also collect/ transform data which can be used for operational intelligence. For eg: at one of leading beverage company we installed tags on their coolers that would not only provide geo location but also provide information of cooler temperature, number of hours cooler was switched off, inventory levels in cooler, maintenance schedule of cooler, number of times cooler door was opened vs actual sales and various other functional data points.

We have one of the most experienced ground teams who help to identify, reconcile, gather data, tag, monitor the underlying. We execute end to end solution’s!

Our application establishes an easy sync with your ERP enabling seamless data transfer.

Our solutions help you to achieve beyond compliance cost effectively!

Tag RoBo Tech
Tag RoBo Tech
Tag RoBo Tech

Our History

It’s been 13 Years since we started our journey!

Headquartered at Gurgaon, India, the company’s original mission was to leverage Bar Code &RFID technology to physically track assets/ inventory and help clients achieve their compliance requirements.

Today, Tag RoBo Tech has value engineered from such audits to providing meaningful insights, data, intelligence at ground level. Similarly, we provide solutions with use of all forms of modern tag technologies including NFC, Bluetooth, Beacon, GPS, Hybrid etc.

Tag RoBo Tech
Tag RoBo Tech
Tag RoBo Tech

By introducing Robotics in our portfolio, we have automated business processes such as physical verification/reconciliations. Today our clients can verify and reconcile millions of quantities in hours and not months. And yes, via Robotics a lot can be verified and reconciled sitting at Home!

Since onset, we have serviced more than 1000+ clients across the globe and have maintained 100% success in executing projects. We have delivered cross sectors including banks, hospitals, hotels, FMCG’s, consumer durables, pharma, media, automobile, aviation, insurance, ecommerce, infra, retail, real estate, export houses, diagnostic, IT/ITeSco’s, research centers, utility co’s, telecom operators, telecom infra, travel, transportation, consumer goods, electronics, agro processing, oil & gas, packaging, engineering, metal/mineral, education, development sector, govt bodies etc.

We have team size of 100+ members across India further strengthen by more than 5000+ alliance partners across the Globe.

Few Flagship clients that we have serviced include Coca Cola, Accenture, Baskin Robbins, HCL Technologies, Marks & Spencer, Tata Motors, Flipkart, Mankind Pharma, Bose Corporation, Mahindra, Saint Gobain, Hitachi, Ikea, Save the Children, Water Aid, PVR Cinema’s, Max Hospitals, Brookfield PE etc.

Our Journey

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