5 Ways Smart Devices Are Changing the Audit Landscape

5 Ways Smart Devices Are Changing the Audit

Regular asset and stock audits and are necessary to ensure robust health of your organization in terms of corporate governance, operational efficiency, business continuity and business performance. For example, high levels of stock can lead to overstocking leading to poor cash flows and financial losses. Asset auditing can be done either internally by a group of employees or externally by a consultant audit firm or an independent auditor.

This traditional way of functioning means first you physically collect the paper forms, then manually enter the data collected into some form of digital spreadsheet and then try to create reports using formulas and pivot tables. Sounds exhausting! Not only does this process consume a lot of time but is also susceptible to human errors. Isn’t it?

In order to be to be quick and efficient, it is crucial for organizations to move away from the traditional manual audit management approach to an electronic, automated system. Mobile and web based asset / stock auditing systems can minimize errors, and lead to significant savings on time and effort. Asset and stock audit mobility, driven through smartphones or tablets, has become a game changer. These devices can help collect and securely process data, images, voice, videos, and even GPS coordinates as electronic evidence. Did you know that almost 86% of businesses plan to switch to mobile app-based audit to improve quality and achieve market excellence?

Here is how smart devices are changing the audit landscape

Faster and automated audits

Say no to cumbersome manual work with mobile app-based audit. You can conduct audits through your preferred device and capture every detail effortlessly.

Simplified and reliable audits

A mobile based audit system allows you to collect real-time data, which can help you build the future structure of your operations and make strategic decisions based on data collected.

Real time results

This is one of the most powerful features of a mobile app-based audit. The audits can be viewed the moment they are submitted, and the issues can be fixed faster as the information is available anywhere, anytime, enabling a robust workflow management.

Cost-efficient approach

The traditional audit system usually requires a huge team and is quite time-consuming and expensive. Moving to mobile app-based audit can help you get the audit process done quickly and efficiently.

Rich data collection for audit trail

Mobile app-based audits not only provide easy access to cloud-based databases but also enable the auditors to use device cameras to capture barcode, QR Code, RFID, photos validating the checklist that deliver added verification to audit records.

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