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What do we help to track?

Asset Tracking

  • Reconciling your assets as per books vs as physically present at your plants, corporate office, warehouses, 3rd party sites. Typical assets as per books includePlant & Machinery, IT Assets, Office Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures, Dies & Moulds, Vehicles, etc.
  • Affixing tags (Bar Code/QR Code/RFID/NFC/GPS) depending on what is most suitable + falls within budget. Tag information is updated in Fixed Asset Register.
  • Implementing software/ integration with ERP to allow auto reconciliations in future
  • As per Corporate Governance requirements, Asset Reconciliation must be conducted in a systematic manner and 100% assets should be verified within span of 3 years.

Finished Goods Tracking

  • Reconciling inventory of finished goods as per books vs as physically present in your factories, retail outlets, warehouse, 3rd party sites
  • Affixing tags (Bar Code/QR Code/RFID/NFC/GPS) depending on what is most suitable + falls within budget.
  • Implementing software/ integration with ERP to allow auto reconciliations in future
  • Suitable for manufacturing, retail

Leased Assets

  • If your organization has leased assets to 3rdparties customers (asset leasing), our team verifies assets by site visit + affixes various type of geo tags for remote verification in future


  • Your entity may have given your tools to ancillaries/ 3rd parties for production activities
  • Our team verifies assets by site visit + affixes various type of geo tags for remote verification in future

Parts & Consumables

  • Your entity may have huge volume of parts & consumables as per books. Our team reconciles quantities between books vs as physically present
  • We further tag these parts/consumables so that consumption tracking can be done more accurately

Raw Material

  • Your entity may have huge volume of raw material as per books. Our team reconciles quantities between books vs as physically present

Marketing Assets – kiosks etc

  • Your marketing/branding assets may be lying at various locations. Some of these signages may be extremely expensive
  • Our team physically verifies existing of these assets and reconciles
  • Further we affix tags for remote monitoring

Fleet/ Vehicle Tracking

We fit GPS devices in your vehicles which helps you pick non congested routes, monitor/ control vehicle speed, provide exact vehicle location, breakdown alert and assistance, vehicle stock handover status, driver health alert, fuel tracking, vehicle fitness alerts etc.


Tracking courier delivery involves the process of localizing packages and containers, and different parcels at the time of sorting and delivery. This helps to verify their movement and source, and have an estimate of the final delivery. The main objective of this parcel tracking system is to provide customers with information about the details of the route of the package, delivery status, estimated delivery date, and the estimated time of delivery. With use of bar code system and our application our customer can track delivery on real time basis.

Military Equipment

Tracking assets within the military and defence industry is a massive endeavour, demanding keen oversight and a comprehensive strategy to be effective for any organization. With mobility being a key differentiator for military applications, there is always constant movement throughout the supply chain. We affix geo tags on defence assets to be able to monitor current location on real time basis.

Document Tracking

RFID File Tracking Systems are designed to reduce employee time spent maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace.Using RFID file management software, or even a simple Excel document, the EPC number is associated with information about the file such as name, contents, etc.When you need to find a specific file, just search the file by name or number in the software and input that unique EPC number into your RFID handheld reader.

Employee tracking

TheReal-Time Employee Tracking System uses active RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology to track ID badges distributed to personnel. These badges are rechargeable and may be equipped with extras, such as panic buttons and motion sensors. Our technicians install receivers/RTLS anchors throughout your work area that will track the movement of these badges.

Patient Tracking

The use of RFID offers many benefits to the healthcare industry related to patient safety, tracking, efficiencies in patient care, and provider satisfaction. RFID tags help in patient identification, anti-counterfeiting, inventory management, tracking healthcare staff.

Artwork Tracking

Rfid art tracking application can work with your camera encompassing true real-time asset management and the inbuilt theft deterrent system. With our system in place, artwork and other high valued assets are constantly monitored whether on display in the gallery, stored in a storeroom, are transferred offsite or sold. If any of the above happens the authorities will quickly be alerted for any tampering of the assets.

Immigration Tracking

Many governments of the world are currently changing and reforming their immigration and migration laws and regulations. The old methods of paper-only passports and visas have become too easy to forge, allowing criminals to travel between countries, and to reside and work in them illegally.The reasons to restrict this activity are numerous, from concerns about terrorism to collection of taxes on unregulated income. However, one of the defining methods being implemented in most countries at this time is the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) memory chips embedded in documents.

Landbank tracking

Exact farming is impossible without knowledge of the real area of the land bank. We offer several ways to measure the areaby going around the arable lands with a mobile device with the installed application “GPS. Fields. Area Measurement”. By creating of an electronic map of fields based on satellite images in the system interface; By making order to our partners to create orthophoto plans to determine the area of the field with the help of drones.

Supply Chain Tracking

RFID tags help achieve efficiency in many ways, just like RFID keycards, RFID tags on inventory can save time too. When either adding or moving materials and goods in a warehouse, someone must take time to either write the change down, enter it into a system, scan the barcode of every product, or perhaps forget to do any one of these things. If tracking is forgotten, hours can be spent looking for missing goods and materials. The rate of error increases every time a human is involved in entering or changing data as well. Having RFID tags on containers or goods allows them to be automatically read as they pass by readers without any human interaction, leaving you with a great deal of time savings.

Personal Tracker

Personal trackers monitor people or even pets. Usually, they work through a personal device like a pocket chip or bracelet. Then, the devices are activated. After activation, users can remotely locate and follow the device.

Key Tracker

Most of us have been in situations where we are unable to locate keys, spectacles, wallets, flash drives and other objects pof daily needs in the house. Instead of searching throughout the house, you can use a compact Bluetooth tag tracker. These trackers are usually tiny (as large as a coin) and can be easily stuck or clipped on to most objects.

Animal Migration Tracking

Satellite telemetry has been used extensively in the tracking of animals since the 1980s. After an animal has been captured and a tracking device has been attached, researchers can monitor movements of that individual for extended periods of time without having to recapture it. Satellite telemetry uses Platform Transmitter Terminals (PTTs) that are either attached externally or surgically implanted. The PTTs then communicate via radio-signals to orbiting satellites, which localize the signal and give positional fixes (latitude and longitude) on the PTT, and thus, the animal. "Conventional" satellite telemetry incorporates the widely used Argos satellite receiver system, which has polar orbits and is capable of receiving signals transmitted from the PTT. When the Argos satellites are within range of a PTT, geographical positional fixes are calculated using

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